St. George Multi Speciality Dental Clinic

St. George Multi Speciality Dental Clinic Edappally


Our practice utilizes the very latest dental technology, techniques and materials to ensure you receive the very best individual treatment and quality results with maximum comfort. Our aim is to achieve precision in every step we perfrom.

Some of our specialities are:
  • Comfortable and ergonomic dental chairs which make your treatment duration pleasant and tireless.
  • Instant delivery, High definition, low radiation digital X-rays which is medically beneficial to patient and operator.
  • State of art infection control protocols
  • Autoclave with cycle monitoring systems
  • High quality, fibreoptic hand pieces reducing the vibration during preparation of teeth, beneficial for the long life of the tooth.
  • Fully computerized state of art digital dental chairs.
  • Electrocautery for painless faster surgeries and bleeding control.
  • Computerized patient management system for convenience of patient appointments.